Let’s build your me-made wardrobe together!

Join me to bring that fabric to life.  Get to grips with the pattern jargon and over those tricky hurdles to build your own me-made Wardrobe.

Sewing from Scratch

Sewing from Scratch is a course to see beginners though the main techniques to begin their dressmaking journey.  We start right at the very beginning with understanding patterns and fabrics through to putting in a sleeve and getting to grips with a zip.  

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Sewing from scratch. The image shows a sewing machine and fabric

Vouchers now available

Sewing vouchers are now available!  Perfect for gifting to the sewist in your life.  Or the link to send for that not so subtle hint.

A picture of Pippa holding a glass as if clinking cheers as a celebratory yay for being given a voucher for time to sew.

 Sewing as a safe space

I think I might have said this before but a sewing class is more than just a class. A place to meet like minded peeps. To learn a new skill. To share the highs and lows of a project. A community. Supportive and generally nourishing in it’s being. A safe space.

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Join the classes

Re-gain your head-space and grow your sewing skills in a supportive and relaxed environment.  Pippa will guide you on your journey to build your own me-made wardrobe in class or online.

About me

Hello, I’m Pippa.

 I’ve always sewn.  Both for a living and for pleasure, when I found I enjoyed sharing my skills even more that sealed the deal.  I’m here to guide you though the sewing maze.  To clarify those strange symbols and to make sense of that pattern.  There are many ways to do the same thing in the sewing world, I’m here to show you mine.