Let’s build your me-made wardrobe together!

Dinosaurs and Dressing up 

Why don’t we dress up? In these days of staying home I think we should take a lesson from the smalls in our lives.  They don’t care if they don’t have a party to go to or if they need to see anybody on a zoom call. If they fancy dressing up as a princess or a dinosaur they just do it.

Seasonal Sewing.

Do you do seasonal sewing?   Gifting what we make can trigger a minefield of emotions.  I’ve mulled over a few thoughts on how I think things through before I make to gift.  


Staying positive

I’m determined to stay positive.  A few thoughts and a new project to get your teeth into over lockdown.

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About me

Hello, I’m Pippa.

 I’ve always sewn.  Both for a living and for pleasure, when I found I enjoyed sharing my skills even more that sealed the deal.  I’m here to guide you though the sewing maze.  To clarify those strange symbols and to make sense of that pattern.  There are many ways to do the same thing in the sewing world, I’m here to show you mine.