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Sparkling into the Season
Written by PippaFabric
Category: sewing
Pippa, standing in front of a wall of wine in a green sparkly, sequin dress.

Sparkles, sequins and all things shiny.

Sparkles are my go to as the Christmas season approaches. Even if I’m not one to actually go out that much. Let’s face it, none of us has had much of a party life for the last couple of years and now we can I’m all for making the most of it. I’d had a beautiful sparkly velvet in my stash from my local fabric wonderland Anglian Fashion Fabrics. Sometimes it pays to hold onto the fabric for the right project. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Initially I saw a top and then went back for another bit so I could make a dress. I’d need sleeves. It’s so drapey and sparkly, I’d toyed with the idea of a cowl neck or wrap but as time has worn on I realised that it really didn’t need much. A simple shape to show off the fabric.

Enter Sheridan

I made a Lane raglan dress using the Sheridan dress add-on from Hey June a few years ago. Sheridan had been sitting in my cupboard waiting for the right fabric. I had visions of something soft but nothing had prompted me yet. Until I looked again at the sleeves. Those soft yet gently voluminous sleeves with a deep cuff. This may be what I need. One feature of a pattern can sometimes be enough when your fabric is so special. Do you find the fabric tells you what it needs? It can’t just be me.

Hey June patterns work really well for me. When or I should say if, I look at the instructions I always find them very clear. didn’t make any major alterations to this pattern. My normal FBA of about 2cm made sure it flowed over the bosoom without issue. It’s not a fitted dress other than at the shoulders so I knew it’d be perfect for party season. Hello buffet. I used a stretch lining for the neck facing to avoid scratchy neck sequins. I think I should have done the same with the inside of cuff piece but it’s not so bad.

The perfect Christmas dress!

Sheridens first outing was at Norwich Sewcials first post C gathering. This was THE special occasion for sparkles. So nice to gather again. Sparkles, comfort and cosy. What more can you ask of a party dress. It looks good with boots or heals. For the few hours I’m in heals. Still retraining my feet/legs for those. It’s had several outings since and I plan to give it a few more this year. I’ve not made anything special for this sparkle season but I’ve got enough to tide me over whilst I finish up a few things. Do you dress for Christmas or are you a PJ’s all day dresser? Which ever you are I hope you find fun, happiness and health as we work our way through the season.


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