Hi I’m Pippa, The Fabric Wrangler. 

Welcome to my corner of the sewing world, I’m here to share all things sewing and the odd random recipe.  Here’s a bit more about me…

As a dressmaker of over 20 years, creating anything from a penguin ski hat (think Wallace and Gromet) to wedding dresses and winter suits, I fell into teaching.  I had become Chair of a local Embroiderers guild and organised sewing nights and projects to natter over.   I loved the reaction of people who suddenly grasped the process of a French knot or sewing on a button that stayed in place.  I trained and worked within Adult education for around 10 years, Teaching C&G and developing my own approach.  I love seeing skills and confidence grow as students hone techniques, develop their style and build their own me-made wardrobe.

Friendships have been made within classes that go way beyond the classroom.  Joining likeminded people together in a supportive community has been wonderful.  Sharing my skills with students, in a creative environment where they can develop at their own pace without pressure and with humour is one of my greatest joys.  Sharing my skills to ensure they don’t disappear into the mists of time ensures that people will be able to create for the future.  The sewing community is a lovely place.