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Cactus Zadie
Written by PippaFabric
Category: sewing

Every once in a while I sign up to do a Minerva make.  When I saw this amazing cactus print I could see a really fun make.  Origionally I thought it might have been a heavier cotton perfect for a bag of positivity but when It arrived it was much lighter.  I mused on it for a week or two.  A cushion?  A dress for a small?  Too white for any of my known smalls. Outdoor fun means grass stains and mud.  as it should be, might I add.

Should it be a top?  Camber?  That would work.  Then the Zadie struck again.  Decision made.  I love this pattern.

Read more about it on the Minerva blog.  All of the thoughts are my own.  I’m gifted fabric in return for a blog post and I only make when the fabric draws me in.  I no longer make for the sake of making.  As much as I love it, years of making means I have a ridiculous stash and the inclination to make strikes less often.

However when inspiration does strike I have to get it out of my system before it blends into the background.  So.  Next is a bra that fits!!!  Hopefully.  Then a long winter coat.  Pretty sure I have fabric for both of those…


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