Sewing Classes


 Get to Grips with Zips

Coming soon…

This is a chance for you to slow down and really get your head around zips.  From the traditional lapped zip to the Fly zip of dream jeans, I hope my way of doing zips can help.      

the basic technical equipment needed to start dressmaking

Beginners Dressmaking

Before too long I hope there will be a chance for you to join me going through some basic techniques to start you on your sewing journey.    There will be darts, seams , zips and more.


In Person

1-1 Tutorial

This is a chance for you to define what you want to focus on.  Be it techniques that always confuse you or a special project like a wedding dress.  I can guide you through the trickiest of fabrics or help you define the right fit in the comfort of your own home or my studio in the middle of leafy Norfolk.

Guided group sessions

You could join a group of like-minded sewists to develop your skills and be able to talk fabric and patterns without the thought of them glazing over.  In guided sessions you will work on your own project with me to take you through the tricky steps you’re unsure of.  You may feel comfortable with the basics of sewing but like the confirmation of someone checking before you tackle a more complicate technique.

Structured group sessions

These are structured in a way so that you cover specific techniques, as in the 6 week beginners course which deals with the basic sewing skills or making a particular garment which will help you develop your skills whilst also ending up with a finished garment.