Urban bunting. An alternative to the classic bunting of old
Urban Bunting
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So I’m not really into the traditional type of bunting.   I can see it’s pretty, it’s just not really me.

I made this to decorate for the Norwich Sewcials  first meet up.  Oh, what a night that was. I’d seen something a few months before hand, it might have been on pintrest.  I can’t find it now so here’s how I did it.

  • First gather some felt, what ever colour takes your fancy.  A couple of contrasting colours makes for a funky line.
  • I like to use a ruler and cutting wheel for this type of job.
  • A sewing machine threaded up in your chosen colour.

Decide how big you want your bunting, I wasn’t putting this up high so didn’t want it too big.  Though seeing it draped accross my dummys neck it could make for a funky scarf…Maybe layers and cut a little bigger.

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