Pockets, we all need them.

Whether we use them to hold a tissue, phone or pebbles, pockets can be crucial. They are something that as makers, we can make sure they’re in everything that we feel they should be. Occasionally you may have to forgo a pocket in leu of the fabric or the style but pockets can be super useful in most things.

Types of Pockets

One pocket does not suit all occasions so this is when you can choose your pocket. Does the pattern suggest a particular pocket? Has a pocket already been styled into your project or have they been missed entirely?!!! The two most common pockets that I’m going to talk you through are:

  • The patch pocket
  • The in-seam / side pocket

There are other options but these are what we’re going to concentrate on.

The Patch Pocket

A patch pocket is one you’ll be familiar with as it’s on the back of Jeans, heavy winter coats and shirt pockets to name a few. Easiest to place when the fabric is still in quite a flat state. (Before you’ve stitched too much together). Then you won’t be fighting with multiple sections of fabric.

The in-seam pocket / side pocket

The in-seam pocket is hidden from plain sight as it’s within the seam itself. The pocket can hang pretty loose within your garment or if stitched close to a waist seam can be held in both seams to add some strength. ( for good sized pebbles) Which ever your pattern might point to I’m going to go through it so that you can watch it happening.