Pattern Weights-geometric mono tone


Pattern weights.  Keep your fabric or pattern in check with these fabulously weighted miniature works of art.

Black and white geometric pattern weights.

Pack of 4. Packaged in a metal case for safe storage.

5cm diameter each

Pattern weights are perfect for holding patterns in place whilst altering them or tracing off.  They’re also great for holding pattern to fabric if you’re not a fan of pins.  I tend to use them when altering patterns or when cutting out underwear or small pieces.  Ideal when you have that odd shaped and small pattern piece to wrangle with.

They are made of a nicely weighted metal, are super sturdy and come in an easy to pack away case to keep them together and in good condition.  There are many designs to choose from.  If I don’t have any in stock that quite take your fancy, you can look at the official pattern weights website and we can get them ordered for you.


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