Sewing vouchers


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A sewing Voucher

For who?

This Voucher can be used by anyone.  You may be a complete beginner, not sure where to start or you might be experienced but would like a hand getting the fit of a pattern right.  Fitting is never easy on your own.  To sew either in a class or as a 1-1 with me on hand.  I’ll be there to take you through the trickiest of projects or to fine tune your sewing skills.  You can choose a project to work through or maybe zips are your nemisis and we can conquer them together.


This can take place in your own home/ studio where all of your bits and bobs are within reach.  Or it can be used towards a class.  This is also the perfect gift for those who don’t know what to buy their sewist.  Send the link to those that need to know.

How long?

The vouchers start at 2 hours and can grow from there.

You may prefer an afternoon or evening, a full day to get to grips with that project.  If you’d like to chat to see if I would be a good fit for you, send me a note in the box below and we can organize something.  Phone or zoom, it’s up to you.


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