Terms and Conditions

The Fabric Wrangler is run by Pippa, as a sole trader.

Your privacy is important to me and as such your details will not be shared with anyone else. For more details I encourage you to read the privacy policy and if you have any questions then please do let me know. The terms and conditions of belonging to a class are below.

My Thoughts on being in class

Generally, be nice. Don’t be a dick. Classes are run on a mutual understanding that we are all there to learn in a safe, relaxed environment. Everybody is welcome. Whether the colour of your skin is different to mine or you hale from a different part of the world, if you’re interested in sewing you are very welcome to join a class. If you’d rather have somebody taking you through in silence, unpicking your every foible, maybe I’m not the right fit for you. However, if you’ve had bad experiences in the past and want to put those into perspective and the past then welcome. I’m not a shouter, I will tap a table if I need everyone’s attention. My sense of humor may not be yours but I hope we can smile together as the needle finds it’s way around the pin rather than over it. Learning in an environment where you are treated with respect and are expected to do likewise to your fellow stitchers is where I’m coming from. If you have an issue then please let me know before telling the world so I know of a problem.

One to One Tutorial

Booking a 1-1 tutorial is to make the most of your time. I therefore expect you to arrive on time ( traffic allowing) as I will do the same if I am traveling to you. Topics will be discussed before hand to ensure we have the best chance of covering everything. This will depend on how long you have available and what I think will be possible. As with all things this may change whilst working through something. To avoid too many diversions and that you get the most value from our time together we’ll keep to a fairly fixed topic. It’s also easier to stay focused if there aren’t too many things to absorb.

Zoom Sessions

Zoom sessions are booked beforehand as are the topic/s that are to be discussed over the session. As with an in-person session these will be within a pre-set time.


A non-refundable deposit is payable on booking. The balance is to be paid 14 days before the session. This is discussed when booking your slot.

With all 1-1 sessions you may be able to move them if you find yourself unable to make the set time but there will be no refunds. If I have to cancel a session due to ill health or other issue I will contact you as soon as I know there may be a problem and we can then reschedule.

In-Person Classes

If you have booked a class through me you will already have an idea as to what to expect but if you have any questions then do let me know. Payment is before the class starts.

If you have booked a class through one of the venues that I teach, then it is with them that you need to raise any issues. Unless of course I’m the issue and then I would expect you to let me know. We’re grown ups after all.

Online learning

The online classes are sold as self led courses, unless otherwise stated. If you have found something difficult to understand then please do let me know. I have designed these to point you in the right direction and to help you gain confidence if your sewing journey. There are no refunds for online learning. If you’re unsure if this is the right course for you, use the contact button and ask me a question.